As Open Studio winds down its decade-long run, we're continuing our farewell series: conversations with some of the most influential figures working in the arts today.

Over the years, Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs has become Boston’s man of towering murals. Part of the scaffolding that allows him to reach high is his unyielding optimism.

On this episode, Jared Bowen sits down with Rob "ProBlak" Gibbs to talk about how he became a working artist, his commitment as an educator to ensure the next generation of artists doesn't have to be "starving artists" and the power of public art.

In addition, Bowen says there is no arts writer who he enjoys reading more, relies on more or learns more from than Sebastian Smee, "The Washington Post’s" Pulitzer-prize winning art critic. For this conversation, Bowen says he tried to look in the mirror as the two talked about the necessity of carrying the arts out into the wider world.

The series finale of Open Studio will air on Friday, June 2nd.