This week on Open Studio, Jared Bowen talks about the creative process with acclaimed choreographer Nanine Linning, poet Porsha Olayiwola and actor Brian Cox.

For its new dance program "Our Journey" playing now, Boston Ballet is collaborating with acclaimed choreographer Nanine Linning for "La Mer," a piece that tells the story of our oceans — their majesty, volatility and vulnerability. Linning, who teamed up with scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a creative partner, sat down with Bowen to talk about how this production is designed to get audiences to think about ocean preservation.

Next, we’re celebrating National Poetry Month with Boston Poet Laureate Porsha Olayiwola. She’s both a World Poetry Slam and National Poetry Slam champion. And as she promotes poetry throughout the city, she's doing it on a platform of what she calls radical love.

Finally, the fourth and final season of HBO’s hit show “Succession” is airing now. It stars Brian Cox as the Rupert Murdoch-esque Logan Roy, CEO of a media conglomerate and patriarch of an ever-scheming family. To understand the actor behind this notorious character, we’re bringing back a conversation Bowen had with Brian Cox in 2017, when he was known for playing iconic roles such as Hannibal Lecter and Winston Churchill.