Boston's music scene is brimming with talented artists, some of whom have stopped by GBH for studio sessions captured by the station's Emmy® award-winning Front Row Boston, a music program that features intimate and immersive music experiences by exceptional artists.

From the Ballroom Thieves' beautiful harmonies to the raw folk energy of 2020 breakout artist Anjimile, here are five standout performances from local musicians in Boston, recorded live from GBH's acoustically pristine Fraser Performance Studio.


Nearly two years before the recent release of their album, Giver Taker, Boston-based breakout Anjimile Chithambo performed an intimate version of their singles "Maker" and "1978" during a live performance at GBH's Fraser Performance Studio.

Ballroom Thieves

Folk darlings Ballroom Thieves came to GBH's Fraser Performance Studio on a cold and snowy morning in February 2020. They warmed things up pretty fast with a live performance that included new songs from their third full-length album, Unlovely.


Days before the release of their 2019 album, Look Alive, Guster stopped by GBH's Fraser Performance Studio for an entertaining live performance and interview with Boston Public Radio.

Juliana Hatfield

Fresh off her 2019 U.S. tour, Juliana Hatfield — of the 1990s groups Blake Babies, The Lemonheads and the Juliana Hatfield Three — came to GBH's Fraser Performance Studio to play songs from across her catalog.


Boston-based rapper, poet, educator and Boston Music Award winner Oompa performed songs, including "By You" and "Joy Back" from her 2019 album, Cleo, at GBH's Fraser Performance Studio.