Actor and playwright Ryan Landry called in to Boston Public Radio on Wednesday to give an update on how he’s doing, and explain what fans of his Gold Dust Orphans theater company can expect amid the ongoing health crisis.

Landry said he’s currently on lockdown in New Orleans, where’s he’s been working on his paintings of still life, his world-famous dog and at least one self-portrait of himself as a nun.

"It’s really quite nice, I wish everyone had this kind of opportunity to do this– I’ve discovered a whole other side of myself!” he said.

To the future of the Gold Dust Orphans, he said the group is "thinking of doing a radio show and stuff like that. Maybe some video work, until we’re able to be on stage again.”

He said he hopes things are back to normal by Christmastime, so they'll be able to stage their production of “A Tiger Queen’s Christmas."