On Thursday, Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam joined Boston Public Radio to dissect the #pantsdrunk internet trend, his contempt for the cruise line industry and seek out answers about how Christians are taking part in communion during the time of coronavirus.

But before diving into his usual grab bag discussion, Beam previewed an upcoming edition of the Boston Public Radio book club, which’ll take place at 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, May 7th. The book — or audiobook — of discussion will be songwriter James Taylor’s new audio memoir, “Breakshot: My First 21 Years.”

In “Breakshot," Taylor tells the story of his own life and upbringing, and how early experiences came to inspire some of his most celebrated songs.

"I’ve listened to it once — it’s really interesting, it’s really listenable,” Beam said. "Jim and I have this debate about how long it is, but it certainly didn’t feel very long. ... In any case, it’s really terrific and it’ll be a great subject for discussion."

Anyone interested can check out the book for themselves and call in for the conversation on May 7th.

In Beam’s words: “it’s on Audible.com and it’s free, I mean what can you say?"