Davis Square is one of Boston’s most vibrant and energetic neighborhoods. With a robust entertainment culture and thriving art scene, it’s no wonder it’s also one of the hottest spots in the city for living. (If you’re not familiar with Somerville Art Council’s Switchbox Project, you should check it out. It’s a great use of public space to spread a little art love.)

Beyond the culture, Davis Square is also one of the city’s most diverse and exciting culinary destinations as well. From Thai noodles to falafel, poké to all theice cream you can eat, there is something for every taste and occasion found here.

Of course, this list isn’t meant to suggest these are the only great dining options in Davis Square. That’s impossible. (How can you possibly talk about Davis Square without mentioning Redbones or Posto, or a dozen others?) But you have to start somewhere, right? Here are some great dining spots in Davis Square.

khao soi dakzen.jpg
Khao Soi at Dakzen
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Last June, Davis Square welcomed this sleek and stylish Thai noodle restaurant to the neighborhood and the honeymoon is still going strong.

Specializing in street food-styled soups,Dakzen offers diners a taste of Bangkok in a modern setting. Try traditional northern Thai classics like Khao Soi, a noodle soup loaded with ingredients like crispy pork belly, pickled Chinese mustard and boiled egg. The Pad Thai Goong is a delicious combination of stir-fried noodles with egg, dry turnip and shrimp. Other menu options include street fried rice and Grapow rice, which blends in Holy basil and minced meat.

Wash down your meal with a cool Thai lime iced tea. The perfectly balanced sweet and tangy refreshment hits the spot. If there’s room, treat yourself to a loaded Pang Yen - shaved ice flavored with red (sala cider) or green (cream soda) syrup, sweet corn, herbal jelly and jackfruit.

195 Elm St., 617-718-1759, dakzen.com

shareable plates upperwest.jpg
Shareable Plates At Upperwest Wine Bar
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UpperWest Wine Bar

This casual wine bar takes inspiration from the neighborhood wine bar scene in New York City’s upper west side. Located just a few steps below street level in the basement of a veteran’s club, UpperWest is a delightful throwback to 1970’s decor, cocktail culture and fun.

On the menu, classic cocktails and old-world wines compliment the selection of local craft beers and some truly inventive elixirs. A rotating menu of tasty bar snacks, cheese and charcuterie selections and shareable plates are available for those needing to nosh. A calendar full of interesting events and board games are available to guests keep the good times rolling.

1 Cedar St., 617-714-5734, upperwestcambridge.com

crab shrimp combo shaking crab.jpg
Crab Shrimp Combo At The Shaking Crab
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The Shaking Crab

Bibs up and phones down. It’s time to get messy.

Since opening in 2015, The Shaking Crabhas been bringing the bayou to Boston and beyond. With ten locations in four states, they are clearly on to something.

While serving up Cajun classics like Po’Boys and gumbo are reason enough to visit this vibrant and energetic dining spot, the real magic happens when you indulge in “The Boil”. Diners choose from ten different seafood choices, then select one of four sauces. Options include Shaking (their house Cajun blend), Seoul (sweet chili miso) and Envie (a non-spicy cilantro-lime sauce). Pick the level of spicy heat and add extras like corn on the cob, sausage and, quail egg and get ready to make a mess.

If you’re not up for wearing disposable gloves for dinner The Shaking Crab also offers tidier (but equally delicious) options like the fried lobster tail basket, spicy calamari and garlic mac n’ cheese. Their fully-stocked bar serves up creative cocktails and a rotating selection of craft beers.

1815 Mass Ave., 857-259-6147, shakingcrab.com

pastries 3 little figs.jpg
Pastries At 3 Little Figs
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3 Little Figs

Yes, this diminutive dining spot only seats 18 people. Sure, the parking can be more than a little challenging at time. But, have you tried their feta toast? One bite of that thick sourdough topped with rich sheep milk feta, Kalamata tapenade, and tomatoes, and everything will make sense.

With all the sandwiches, toasts, and alluring baked goods offered each day, enjoying something to eat at 3 Little Figsis only half the fun. Make sure to order something from their skilled baristas. From lattes to iced matcha tea they consistently serve up excellent drinks. Bonus points for knowing what a macchiato actually is and making it superbly.

278 Highland Ave., 617-623-3447, 3littlefigs.com

Pigferno Boston Burger Company.jpg
Pigferno At Boston Burger Company
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Boston Burger Company

Sometimes you just want a solid burger. Sometimes you just want a colossal milkshake that is completely over the top. Sometimes you want both. When that urge strikes, Boston Burger Company more than scratches that itch.

The menu boasts over 30 different burger combinations, featuring creations like “The Hot Mess” (bacon, sweet potato fries, thousand island dressing, diced pickles, jalapeño, red onion and cheese), “Pigferno” (habanero pulled pork, inferno salsa, beer-battered onion rings, spicy mayo and cheese) and “The Sophie” (prosciutto, goat cheese, candied walnuts, fig jam, balsamic and arugula tossed in vinaigrette).

Add a side of BBC Sweets (sweet potato fries tossed in cinnamon and caramel) or another of their dozen fries options, and that just about wraps it up. Or not. If you’re still standing after your burger and fries safari, treat yourself to one of their “Freak Frappes”. Maybe it’ll be the King, loaded with vanilla ice cream, bacon, banana and peanut butter. Perhaps it will be the Nutella, with nutella, crunchy wafers, and coconut. Whatever the choice, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

37 Davis Sq., 617-440-7361, bostonburgerco.com

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