Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book "Becoming" has been at the top of the New York Times bestseller list since it debuted in November. Her candid personal recounting of her story has impressed millions of fans who have read the book and flocked to 30,000-seat stadiums to hear her speak. Why has her story resonated with so many?
We asked two avid readers to help us explore that question in a discussion of her bestselling memoir.


Janet Axelrod is on the board of the Cambridge Public Library Foundation. When she’s not reading, you might find her practicing with her drumming group called SheBoom.

Bettye Freeman, the former assistant dean for Academic and Student Affairs at Northeastern Law School, is now happily retired and able to indulge her reading habit. She is a member of the 30-year-old Literary Sisters Book Club, the second oldest black woman’s book club in greater Boston.