Every Thursday, WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowensums up the exhibitions, theater, movies and music you should check out in and around Boston and delivers news from the city's arts scene.

NATIVE FASHION NOW, on view at the Peabody Essex Museum through March 6

Synopsis: Blame Cher or all those cowboys-and-Indians movies, but the perception of Native American fashion has been pretty one-note, until now. The Peabody Essex Museum has a new survey of the most adventurous Native American designers working today.

Jared says: “It’s really a look at this great, terrific arc of Native American fashion in this country, really kicking off in the 1950s.”


Synopsis: People love to hate Boston City Hall, failing to find the beauty in its hulking concrete form. It emerged from a new wave of architecture that took hold right here in Boston and was rightly or wrongly called brutalism.  

Jared says: “If you take a moment, as I now have, and start to look at these buildings and look at what they’re able to do with concrete…you really have a new appreciation for this.”

ANOMALISA, in theaters now

Synopsis: Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion animation film follows melancholic author and speaker Michael Stone (voiced by David Thewlis) into a hotel full of customer-service reps who all look and sound the same, except Lisa (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Jared says: “It’s such an interesting existential piece, extremely funny, but also very, very dark, as you’d expect from Charlie Kaufman.”

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