So much about the interest of live performance is the context of its setting in time and place. Shakespeare in the swanky Sinatra era, theater in the park, glamor in the basement--the possibilities are endless.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Free Shakespeare on the Common is performed July 6-28.

Shakespeare’s The Two Gentleman of Verona tells the tale of two friends who leave their hometown of Verona to find their happy fortunes in Milan. Instead, they find temptation, trickery, and trouble as they vie for favor with the high-society Duke... and his debutante daughter.

A jazz trio comprised of NEC students accompanies the outdoor production, set in the Brat Pack era of high rollers and beautiful women, and filled with hilarious moments. Enjoy the evening outdoors and a great sense of community, too.

ExtremitiesPresented by the Berkshire Theatre Group, it plays at The Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge tonight through July 27th.

A young woman is violently attacked in her own home. However, the tables turn and provoke difficult questions about rape and its aftermath, violence and its justification, justice and its reliability. It was important to Director Karen Allen to bring this kind of conversation back to the stage and out in the open. "We see all the time that it is very prevalent with young people, these rapes that are happening on college campuses and things. There seems to be a lack of consciousness, a feeling that this is crossing some sort of formidable no-mans-land," she said.

Buyer and Cellar, Now playing at the Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village in New York.

Based on Barbra Streisand’s real-life street of shops that she built in her basement, a struggling actor in L.A. takes a job working in the Malibu basement of a beloved megastar. One day, the Lady Herself comes downstairs to play. It feels like real bonding in the basement, but will their relationship ever make it upstairs?