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If you’re fluent in Ubbi Dubbi and know that 0-2-1-3-4 is the ultimate zip code, you’ve come to the right place. For 50 years, GBH has been producing children’s media that both empowers and entertains - and it all began with one of the most iconic programs ever to air on public media. ZOOM premiered on Jan 9, 1972 and from its inception, this show for kids, by kids broke new ground. With one of the first truly diverse casts, ZOOM embraced representation, shining a light on kids’ unique backgrounds, personalities and abilities. With its arts and crafts, jokes and skits, ZOOM became a sensation, helping shape the next generation of programs. In one week alone, more than 20,000 fan letters poured in - with over 1.5 million sent in the first three seasons! The show ran for six seasons, with a second-generation re-ZOOMing from 1999 to 2005.

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ZOOM In: 50 Years of GBH Kids

Christopher Sarson Highlight with Emmy

ZOOM Creator Reflects on Show's Success

Created by and for kids, with its young cast members romping through skits, songs and jokes sent in by viewers and speaking their secret language (“Ubbi Dubbi”), ZOOM, created by GBH, debuted on PBS in 1972 with a pure focus on fun. Now 50 years and three national Emmy Awards later, creator and original producer Christopher Sarson takes a look back at the origins of this iconic series.

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