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Racial Justice: Coverage and Context

Our Commitment to You

GBH stands against racism and inequity in our society. We are committed to advancing understanding, dignity and justice, and addressing issues of race, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our content reflects the diverse voices that make up our communities and nation. All year-long, we tell stories that reflect the lived experiences of the people who see our work, represented by those in front of our cameras and microphones, as well as the creators behind them.

Our vision is to be a public media organization that responds to—and truly represents—our community so all can thrive.

We know that our words must be backed up with concrete actions. We demonstrate this commitment not just in the work we create, but in how we do the work. For more information on our efforts, visit our DEIA page.

GBH Celebrates Juneteenth

Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts

Established by Congress, the 14th Amendment promised citizenship in exchange for enlistment, prompting many African American men. They were denied due to Jim Crow laws but still served. The film examines the profound and often-contradictory roles played by Buffalo Soldiers in U.S. history, and how they fought on two sets of front lines: military conflicts abroad and civil rights struggles at home.

Keyshawn Solves It

Created by Ed Jenkins, Keyshawn Solves It is a serialized mystery about a 10-year-old African American boy who inherits a set of keys that can unlock almost any door. In each episode of this fictional podcast, listeners will follow the adventures of Keyshawn, while also learning important “key” values to success, such as resilience, persistence, critical thinking, and collaboration.

GBH Catalyst

Catalyst was formed in 2019 during uncertain and disruptive times with the mission to champion BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) employees at GBH.

Catalyst is dedicated to supporting initiatives that uphold the Foundation’s commitment to DEIA in programming, employee growth & development, and community engagement.

Catalyst strives to create an environment that welcomes, nurtures, and retains BIPOC talent to further enrich GBH through diverse perspectives. As ambassadors on the ground, Catalyst also engages employees of color, sharing feedback, concerns, and suggestions with the Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE).

Catalyst encourages interested GBH allies to support the group’s initiatives by subscribing to the Catalyst LinkedIn page. If you have any questions, please email catalyst@wgbh.org.

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The State of Race

A series of virtual forums examining race and inequality in Massachusetts, presented by GBH and The Boston Globe.

The History of White People in America

WORLD Channel, in partnership with PBS’ Independent Lens, presents a new animated musical series about America’s reckoning with race and injustice.

From the GBH Archives and American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Watch films and special collections from the public media archives for historical context around current events.

Additional Programs and Resources