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The State of Race

The State of Race is a series of in-person and virtual forums about race and racial inequality produced in partnership with GBH, GBH WORLD, NAACP Boston, and The Boston Globe.

The State of Race: Democracy: Where Are We Now?

June 8, 2023
Over the last few years, The State of Race has tackled important issues resonating with communities of color, such as police reform, inequities in health care and education, and voting rights. At the center of all these issues is how democracy looks for the BIPOC community, and what are the issues at stake? On the next State Of Race – we’ll look at some of our most vulnerable communities and see how the threats to our democracy may impact people of color and if we are moving in the right direction.

The State of Race: Environmental Justice (In-Person and Virtual)

April 13, 2023
Asbestos. Lead. Pesticides. Toxins. Poisons in the air, water and land affecting our drinking water, food, homes and outdoors are just some of the challenges facing Massachusetts – especially BIPOC -- residents.

The State Of Race: Environmental Justice examines what’s being done to protect and repair the Bay State’s most vulnerable and diverse communities from the environmental dangers seeping into our daily lives. The event will be moderated by Paris Alston, co-host of GBH's Morning Edition and "The Wake Up" podcast from GBH News.

The State of Race: Are Women of Color on the Rise

March 16, 2023
Women of color are transforming leadership, while still trailing in pay and opportunities.

Women from diverse communities are making it in Massachusetts -- from the corner office in companies, politics, and non-profits to self-owned businesses and start-ups. While promising, Black, Indigenous, Latina and Asian women are still being paid less and remain scarce in the workforce, C-Suites and boardrooms of too-many industries in Boston and beyond. Are Women of Color on the Rise? examines the work that needs to be done to level playing fields in the Bay State.

The State of Race: Embrace Changemakers Then & Now

February 9, 2023
With the unveiling of “The Embrace” sculpture in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, The State of Race profiles past Boston civil rights luminaries and how their legacies continue to impact multicultural leaders in Massachusetts today.

To explore more content and context, launch The Embrace Digital Experience.

The State of Race: The Latino Housing Crisis (Full Episode)

January 26, 2023
Homeownership is the single most powerful strategy for closing the racial and ethnic wealth gap. Yet, with homelessness rising among Latinx in Greater Boston and Massachusetts, the gap in a living wage and the high-cost of housing, the dream of owning a home is nearing impossible.

Looking for more information and support related to housing? Explore our list of additional resources.

The State of Race: Black Joy (Full Episode)

June 22, 2022
The State of Race: Black Joy sponsored by GBH, The Boston Globe, the NAACP Boston Branch, The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and GBH WORLD, brings together communities to celebrate Black joy at GBH’s Boston Public Library Studio.

The State of Race: Equity in Business Ownership (Full Episode)

March 31, 2022
Boston's business community is still trying to recover from a pandemic that impacted every business and every worker. But Black and Brown business owners face additional challenges presented by COVID-19 and ongoing systemic inequalities. What will it take for these businesses to not only survive, but thrive?

Tech's Diversity Mandate (Full Episode)

February 17, 2022
Technology is one of Mass.'s largest and fastest growing industries, but also one of the least diverse. In the summer of 2020, tech companies pledged to create a more diverse and equitable workplace. Has anything changed 18 months later?

The Road Ahead (Full Episode)

May 27, 2021
It's been almost a year since the murder of George Floyd. His death sparked a movement, and in response, individuals and organizations made commitments to racial equity and justice. The guilty verdicts appear to signal change, but is progress being made? In the final episode of the discussion series, host Dan Lothian was joined by Tanisha Sullivan, President of NAACP Boston, Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education at UMASS Amherst, and Shirley Leung, Reporter for The Boston Globe.

Voter Suppression (Full Episode)

March 25, 2021
Voter ID requirements. Mail-in ballot restrictions. Purging of voter rolls. Across the country, efforts are underway to change voting laws, and many fear Black voters have the most to lose. Moderated by award-winning journalist and frequent GBH contributor, Dan Lothian, a panel of experts including Cheryl Clyburn Crawford, Executive Director of MassVOTE; Myrna Pérez, Director of the Brennan Center's Voting Rights and Elections Program; and Greg Lee, Jr., The Boston Globe Sr. Assistant Managing Editor, Talent and Community discussed how these laws keep people from voting in Massachusetts and beyond.

The Housing Gap

Jan. 28, 2021: This discussion explored inequity in the housing sector and its long-lasting impact on communities of color in the Commonwealth, featuring Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Housing Alliance; Alex Ponte-Capellan, community organizer and housing advocate; and Tim Logan, The Boston Globe's Housing Reporter.

Police Reform

Nov. 19, 2020: A conversation on the controversial subject of police reform. The panel featured Dominique Johnson, Senior Director of Community Engagement at the Center for Policing Equity; Sophia Hall, Supervising Attorney at Lawyers for Civil Rights, and Milton Valencia, Political Reporter for The Boston Globe.


Sept. 23, 2020: A discussion on how inequities in Massachusetts school systems disproportionately impact communities of color. The panel featured Founder & Director, The NET Mentoring Group, Jamal Grant; Professor of Urban Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gloria Ladson-Billings and the Globe's Education Reporter Bianca Vázquez Toness.


July 22, 2020: A conversation exploring the inequities Black communities face in health, personal income, and more, made far worse by the pandemic. Panelists include Boston NAACP's Tanisha Sullivan, Esq., Boston Medical Center's Dr. Thea James, and The Boston Globe’s Adrian Walker.