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Beyond Broadcast

We’ve got a new name and new look — thanks for noticing!

Over the past decade, new media platforms have reshaped the world. Everything is changing—from the way we tell stories to how we connect with audiences. We’ve evolved with the media landscape, and now our brand must evolve to accurately represent who we are today.

For nearly 70 years, the WGBH call letters signaled to the world that we are a broadcaster, serving the public through traditional TV and radio channels. Today, more than half of our total impressions are digital and unrelated to broadcast. As the world moves from the age of broadcast to the era of streaming, we’ve decided to drop the W from our name to reflect this shift in how we connect with our audiences. Although many of the things associated with broadcast are going away, one thing will remain constant—and that is the high-quality content that GBH produces.

We will continue to build our legacy as a vibrant public media powerhouse, one that's going beyond broadcast.

We’re GBH. Nice to meet you.

Transforming a Legacy Brand for the Digital Age

In September, GBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen hosted a discussion with GBH CMO, Tina Cassidy; Mark Minelli, President of Minelli, Inc. and others about transforming this iconic institution’s identity. Watch now for a behind-the-scenes look at this enormous undertaking. This event was presented in partnership with Boston Design Week.