Each month, Beyond The Page: A WGBH Book Clubfeatures a notable author, who takes part in a live Q&A with a WGBH personality to discuss the intricacies of that month's novel. With each monthly book selection, we also ask the author for a list of reading recommendations. For its March edtion, Beyond The Page selected Marjan Kamali's The Stationery Shop, a beautiful and timely exploration of devastating loss, unbreakable family bonds, and the overwhelming power of love.

Here are five additional reading suggestions from Marjan Kamali:

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames. Beautifully written saga about an Italian family and the estrangement of two sisters. The hovering presence of the evil eye is superbly done in a plot twist you won’t ever forget!

Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane. This moving and wise novel about two neighboring families in suburban New York — the Gleesons and the Stanhopes — and their journey across decades acutely shows how when all is said and done, despite the difficulties and tragedies life can throw our way, our gain outweighs the loss. Would read this book again and again.

Sula by Toni Morrison. One of the most powerful and magical novels I've ever read — cutting, tender, and filled with stunning truths about female friendship and family compromises. Mesmerizing and heartbreaking.

The Door Between Us by Ehsaneh Sadr. Captivating and immersive, this debut deftly captures the connections and conflict between two families with opposing ideologies in the aftermath of Iran's 2009 Green Wave movement. With a fresh, compassionate voice, Sadr reveals our inherent closeness beyond the divisions and separations.

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson. No wasted words, lots of wit, and great heart in this story about a young woman caring for twins who spontaneously combust when they get agitated. Poignant and insightful — a truly enjoyable read.

What she's reading now:

The Playwright’s House by Dariel Suarez. A young Cuban lawyer returns to his childhood home in Havana and is reconnected with his troubled past. Suarez intricately weaves in politics and family history — I want to savor each page!

What's up next:

Passage West by Rishi Reddi. I loved Rishi Reddi’s short story collection, Karma and Other Stories, and can’t wait to read her novel about the experience of Indian-Americans in early 20th-century California. Rishi has an ability to break you open with her words.

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