Each month, Beyond The Page: A GBH Book Clubfeatures a notable author, who takes part in a live Q&A with a GBH personality to discuss the intricacies of that month's novel. With each monthly book selection, we also ask the author for a list of reading recommendations. For its November edition, Beyond The Page selected K-Ming Chang's Bestiary, perfect for this chilly time of year, which calls to mind ghost stories, myths, and legends told in a hushed voice around a fireplace.

Here are five additional reading suggestions from K-Ming Chang:

Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen by Marilyn Chin: "This is an innovative and experimental non-linear book about two Chinese-American girls coming of age in a restaurant family. It's mythical, hilarious, and so bold."

We the Animals by Justin Torres: "We the Animals is a queer coming-of-age story about family, tenderness, violence, and all the complexities of family."

America is Not the Heart by Elaine Castillo: "Elaine Castillo writes brilliantly about migration, survival as a form of love, and the beloved South Bay of California."

Salt Fish Girl by Larissa Lai: "Salt Fish Girl is a queer, speculative novel set in the future. It's full of lush, immersive language, and Larissa Lai has a boundless imagination."

What is Not Yours is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi: "This short story collection is magical, queer, uncanny, and full of heart. Helen Oyeyemi is a huge inspiration of mine, and she writes with such playfulness and such care and empathy for her characters."

In addition, Chang shared what she is currently reading with us, as well as what she's taking down off her bookshelf next.

"I'm currently reading Flowers of Mold, a short story collection by Ha Seong-Nan, translated by Janet Hong. I just finished her other story collection, Bluebeard's First Wife, which was a devastating, magical, transformative, and innovative exploration of family, class, relationships, and urban life," she said. "The next book on my list is The Woman Who Had Two Navels by Nick Joaquin."

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