We're all adjusting to these unprecedented times due to the coronavirus crisis. It's no different for the staff here at WGBH, where it's been business-as-usual as we continue to bring viewers news and programs, with one exception: most of us are now working remotely. Under normal circumstances, a day of work from home can be a nice break from the hubbub of a busy office. But these days, when social distancing and self-isolation are necessary, it can be difficult not to feel overwhelmed and all alone.

To help stay connected, I asked my colleagues to send me the songs they're turning to right now for support, peace, hope, and inspiration. They answered my call, and a considerable playlist emerged. 150 songs and 10 hours of music!

From dance, folk, classical, indie, rock, pop, jazz, and more, this is the music that is helping WGBH employees stay together right now. We hope it can also offer you some solace and comfort — and maybe even an excuse to get up and dance! — during this time.

Visit Spotify for the full playlist.