It was the decade of Ebola, of Instagram and the Mueller Report. Game of Thrones, the #MeToo movement and the legalization of same sex marriage. While these stories may have dominated the news cycle, for many Americans, the last ten years were defined by smaller, more personal moments like becoming a parent, moving across the country and spending time with family. As part of our Hear at the Library series, we asked people to share their most memorable moments of the last decade.

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Hear At The Library | Deborah

Family reunions are a test of being able to state your beliefs and not alienate somebody just because you don't believe the same thing.

-Deborah Washington, a resident of Cleveland Circle, remembers her family reunions where she had difficult but necessary conversations with family members who had different points of view.

Hear At The Library | Jose

For me, it was a very humbling experience to kind of see something that I was a part of to create...and the fact that I had other people to think about at that same exact moment other than myself.

-Jose Rodriguz, a resident of Chelsea, recalls the day that he became a father.

Hear At The Library | Laura

I love walking around the streets of Boston and seeing all the old buildings and thinking about all the brilliant universities..and all of the wonderful researchers and artists who have lived and done work in this place. I think you can really feel that when you walk around the streets.

-Laura South, a resident of Boston, remembers the moment that Boston finally felt like home.