In case you’re not a pop-culture fanatic, the 85th Academy Awards are this weekend. Cue the pomp, circumstance, and wardrobe malfunctions.

Here at WGBH News, we’ve been preparing by bickering over who will win Best Picture — other than crossing your fingers for red carpet drama and laughing over how terrible the host inevitably is (sorry in advance, Seth McFarlane), the Oscars are all about seeing whether the films you predicted would sweep the night are snubbed or lauded. Because while everyone says it’s an honor just to be nominated, we all know they want to win.

To help you root for your favorite films, we drew up a bracket of the major Academy Awards categories — Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Animated Film, and Best Foreign Language Film. It meant lopping off some pretty important awards, like Sound Mixing and Visual Effects, but we didn’t want to make you squint too hard at small print.

Take a look at who we think will take home the night’s biggest accolades (predicted winners are marked in white), and download a copy for yourself — make sure to tell us if you get Oscar Bingo and all your predictions come true.

Jared Bowen’s Oscar Bracket

  Edgar Herwick’s Oscar Bracket

  Kinne Chapin’s Oscar Bracket

  Who tops your Oscar Bracket? Let us know!