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Basic Black: Brown v Board and the Return of Segregation?

Original broadcast date: May 16, 2014

This week on Basic Black, we take a look at the lasting impact of Brown v. Board of Education as we approach the 60th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the case.

Additional reading: The Pro Publica Series, Segregation Now.


Top photo:  Students, parents and educators rally at the Supreme Court in Washington, Tuesday, May 13, 2014, for the 60th anniversary Brown v. Board of Education decision that struck down the “separate but equal” concept established under Plessy v. Ferguson that kept schools segregated. (AP Photo)



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Sep 12 2014
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? …Now

Guest review by Kevin C. Peterson Against the political backdrop of a dashing, brilliant black president, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and the racial crisis now roiling in Ferguson, Missouri over the murder of unarmed Michael Brown by a local white police officer, the themes and tropes that comprise Guess Who??s Coming […]

Sep 04 2014
Reconsidering the Boston Caribbean Parade

Guest editorial by Kevin Peterson The murder of 26-year-old Dawnn Jaffier on a Saturday morning in August should lead us to a sobering conclusion: it??s time to cancel the Boston Caribbean Parade. Forever. The yearly carnival is supposed to be a celebration of West Indian culture. But over the years it has become an event […]

Aug 18 2014
The stigma of black suicide is killing us

Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe When the first news reports of Robin Williams?? death hit the media, few questioned the report that the country’s most beloved comedian had committed suicide. This reaction stands in stark contrast to the reaction to the 2012 news of the death of “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius. Cornelius was […]

Aug 14 2014
More Than One…

Guest editorial by Rev. Willie Bodrick II, M.Div The debate continues over Governor Patrick??s announcement that Massachusetts would temporarily aid in the humanitarian emergency to shelter refugee children at our country??s southern borders. This came weeks after celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at the Museum of African American History, […]

May 29 2014
Maya Angelou recites her poem “On The Pulse Of Morning” at the Clinton Inauguration

(Courtesy: William J. Clinton Presidential Library)  

May 08 2014
Military’s ban on nappy hair

Guest posting by Rev. Irene Monroe African American female service members comprise the highest percentage of women in the military. And with these sister servicewomen enlisting in the military at higher rates than their white, Asian and Latina sisters to serve and die for our country, the last thing the military should be squawking about […]

Mar 17 2014
The Other “B” Word…

Commentary by Callie Crossley, host, “Under The Radar with Callie Crossley” Originally broadcast on WGBH Radio, 89.7 – March 17, 2014 Girls start to hear it in their early years, and women hear it all their lives. The b word. No, not that one, b for bossy, the other equally offensive b word. Little girls who are […]

Feb 20 2014
Que(e)rying Michael Sam’s Timing to Come Out

A guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe When NBA center Jason Collins came out last year, it was the moment the professional sports world had been waiting for ??a gay athlete currently playing in a major league who comes out publicly. And what many may not have known is that the professional sports world had […]

Dec 05 2013
How media and research institutions contribute of HIV/AIDs in black communities

Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe Dec. 1 was World AIDS Day! However, here in the U.S. you would have scarcely known. Much of the focus was, and still is, on developing countries. There was no reportage of it in key newspapers like the Boston Globe and the New York Times. None of the major television […]

Nov 25 2013
Alec Baldwin & Homophobia: A Race-Based Double Standard?

Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe Alec Baldwin has done it again??caught on camera in a cussing tirade hurling anti-gay epithets at the vulturous paparazzi on his heels. This time Baldwin’s accused of spewing out the phrase, “c-ksucking f-g.” Baldwin doesn’t deny using the word “c-ksucking.” Some argue his admission is merely because he can’t […]

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