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High School Quiz Show - Code of Conduct

Please acknowledge that you have read this on your registration form.

To encourage a positive atmosphere and foster good sportsmanship, all participating schools and teams (including coaches, students and administrators) are presumed to be responsible individuals and will be treated as such and are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and ethical manner. This includes, but is not limited to, treating all other players, coaches, GBH staff, and audience members with courtesy, abiding by all decisions of the High School Quiz Show staff, promptly reporting violations and honestly reporting details of game situations to the High School Quiz Show Senior Producer.

Coaches and administrators are expected to actively use their influence to enhance sportsmanship in the broadest possible manner and should not engage in conduct that may incite players or audience members during the competitions and tapings. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes using outside resources (including books, computers, or third party assistance, etc.), or engaging in the observation and relaying of signs/signals given by another party, to aid in answers for the Super Sunday qualification test or during actual gameplay intentionally and any actions or comments by coaches, players, or audience members which are intended to bait, anger, ridicule, or demean others, whether or not the deeds or words are vulgar, or in order to gain an unfair advantage during the competition. Public criticism of GBH, the crew of High School Quiz Show, any participating team players, coaches, and audience members during the competition or taping will be considered disruptive and unethical.

GBH at its sole discretion reserves the right to decline participation of a school prior to and at any point during the competition, including future competitions, due to unsportsmanlike, disruptive, or unethical behavior.