The ZOOM team is getting the band back together! The new digital series ZOOM Into Action features activity videos with some of your favorite former cast members from the WGBH television series.

The perfect snack DOES exist?! Former ZOOMer and current Broadway performer Kaleigh Cronin gets poppin' in her parents' kitchen with this 2020 version of Café ZOOM. Follow along at home with Kaleigh as she makes Frozen Pineapple Pops. PRO TIP: Don't hold back on the chocolate!

Kaleigh Frozen Pineapple Pops GIF v2.gif

Stay tuned for a special live ZOOM reunion (on — you guessed it — Zoom), where you will be able to jump in and join the conversation. Follow along at home and check out more fun activities through this PBS LearningMedia ZOOM collection.