In these uncertain times, there is a silver lining that gives me comfort: thinking about all of the dogs in the world who are now getting more walks, hugs, and play time with their humans. Personally, I have taken full advantage of working remotely as a digital producer to spend time with my favorite golden retriever, who is a regular at all of these Zoom meetings. Love for our four-legged companions might be the purest force uniting humanity right now. Even when we humans aren’t able to go about our daily routines, our dogs give us unconditional love, get us outside and encourage us to see the world as they see it: with joy, wonder, and crazy excitement about the simple things, like a crunchy leaf blowing in the wind.

So let’s return the favor and use this opportunity to celebrate our four-legged friends. Through NOVA, explore the scienceof dogs’ unconditional love, and why smelling is their superpower. In Independent Lens’ ATTLA, explore Alaska and take part in the world’s largest dogsled race, and in Nature’s The Rise of the Dog travel to East Asia — the “motherland of dogs” — where, according to a genetic theory, dogs evolved into the animals we love today. And I have a special affection for Nature’s Animal Odd Couples, which explores the friendship that blooms when a young deer adopts a blind golden retriever.

Whether you have a dog at home with whom to curl up on the couch or you are loving those whom you follow on Instagram, I hope the programs below bring you comfort and tail wags. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a very good girl staring at me who needs to be petted.