Sports have always been a constant in my life. In fifth grade, I wanted to become a sports writer. In 1986, as an eighth-grader, I cried when the ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs, leading to another World Series loss for the cursed Boston Red Sox. Today, I coach both of my kids in three different sports. So, it's a bit strange in our current "stay at home" situation to not have the luxury of flipping over to a Bruins or Celtics game, or checking in on Red Sox spring training as Opening Day approaches.

As the world of real-time sports takes its social distancing hiatus, I find myself digging down various rabbit holes to quench my sports-loving thirst. Below you will find a solid collection of storytelling in the sports genre. Some are obvious, such as the re-release of Ken Burns' Baseball epic, a nine-part series chronicling the history of America's pastime. Any fellow Red Sox fan can now stomach Inning 9, which is almost completely devoted to that epic 1896 World Series collapse against the vaunted New York Mets (I guess I'm still not over it). And then there are some storylines with which you might not be familiar, but should be, such as the story of a Paralympic champion and the only fencer in the world to compete without arms or legs.

Speaking of sports, are you bummed that Tom Brady is no longer a New England Patriot? Don't fret... WGBH has our very own TB. Meet him below.