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Polar Extremes

NOVA: Polar Extremes

The Artic, the Antarctic. Vast, frozen and empty. Or are they? NOVA’s multiplatform polar experience — including a 10-part digital series and game-based Polar Lab — allows us to travel from pole to pole and across time, 650 million years ago to present day, to discover what the past tells us about what might happen to the poles — and the rest of our planet — in the future.

Antarctic Extremes

In this 10-part digital series, Antarctic Extremes is a journey to Earth’s most remote natural laboratory, Antarctica. Stay tuned as new episodes will be released here, and on the new PBS Terra You Tube channel, the home of science and nature shows from PBS Digital Studios.

NOVA Polar Lab

Classroom Resources From PBS LearningMedia

The Polar Extremes PBS LearningMedia collection includes free classroom resources featuring excerpts from Polar Extremes, Antarctic Extremes, and the Polar Lab aligned to national science teaching standards and contextualized with background essays, teaching tips, and discussion questions.