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Yorman Nuñez

Director, Just Urban Economies program at MIT CoLab

**Yorman Nuñez** is advancing economic development models that use shared ownership and collective governance as a means to address the root causes of intergenerational poverty. Yorman is currently the Director of the Just Urban Economies program at MIT CoLab, an effort to co-develop economic infrastructure for economic democracy and self-determination in marginalized communities across the US. His commitment to radical economic transformation emerged out of his work as a community organizer with the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, where he organized young people around issues of sustainable economic development, education reform, and voter education. It was during this time that Yorman co-founded the Urban Youth Collaborative, a city-wide youth organization working on education reform, and the Leadership Institute, a small school in the Bronx, where he taught community organizing and spoken word at the high-school level. Yorman has been recognized by The Democracy At Work Institute, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, and Grist for his efforts to build economic democracy. Yorman is originally from the Dominican Republic but calls the Bronx his second home.