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Wouter Werner

professor , VU University, Amsterdam

Wouter G. Werner graduated cum laude at the Utrecht University of applied sciences (specialization law and economics) as well as at Twente University (with a specialization legal theory). After receiving his Ph.D. in 1995, he started teaching public international law and legal methodology at Twente University. In 1999 he moved to Utrecht University where he became associate professor public international law. Currently, Wouter G. Werner is full professor Public International Law at VU University, Amsterdam. He is interested in international legal theory, the interplay between international law and international politics and the international legal regime on the use of force. One of the focal points of his research is the turn to prevention and risk-management in contemporary security policies. In addition, Wouter Werner has been working on the rise of cosmopolitanism in international law, in cooperation with researchers from political philosophy and International Relations. Currently, he is involved in research projects on the concept of ‘humanity’ in discourses on international law and bio-ethics as well as a project on world legislation. Wouter Werner is director of the VU research group Boundaries of Law and Action Leader of a pan-European research network on the constitutionalization, fragmentation and politicization of international law. As editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law he is co-responsible for the so called ‘ periphery series’ (focusing on third world perspectives on international law) as well several special issues dealing in the area of international legal theory. Wouter Werner has co-initiated the interdisciplinary research group on critical approaches to IR and international law, which brings together scholars from IR, military studies, legal philosophy and international law. He is senior editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law, The Hague Justice Portal and the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law, member of the Netherlands Advisory Committee on Issues of Public International Law.