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William Grant

executive producer, Faces of America

William R. Grant is director of *Science*, *Nature* and *History* programs at WNET in New York, the flagship of the US public television system. He joined WNET in 1995 after 12 years at WGBH in Boston, where he was managing editor of *Frontline*, and then, for 10 years, executive editor of *Nova*. At WGBH he also served as executive producer of *Living Against the Odds* and *Made In America?* At WNET he is in charge of one of public television's largest documentary production departments which brings to national broadcast an average of 40 hours of programs a year in the areas of natural history, science, history, business, travel and other topics. While at WNET he has also been executive producer of *Innovation* and *Going Places*, two PBS anthology series, and numerous mini-series, including *America on Wheels*, *Savage Skies*, *Savage Earth*, *Savage Seas*, *Knife to The Heart*, *Stephen Hawking's Universe*, *On the Trail Of Mark Twain*, *The American President*, *In Search of Ancient Ireland*, *The Rise And Fall of Jim Crow*, *Slavery and the Making Of America*, *African American Lives*, *Oprah's Roots: An African American Lives Special*, *African American Lives 2*, *The Ascent Of Money*, and *Looking For Lincoln*. He has been responsible, as executive in charge of production, for *Nature*, one of public television's most watched continuing series, and the mini-series *Savage Planet*, *Secrets of the Dead,** Secrets of the Pharaohs*, *Warship*, *Warplane*, *Africa*, *DNA*, *1900 House*, *Frontier House*, *Manor House*, *Colonial House*, *Texas Ranch House*, *The Secret Life of the Brain*, *The Mysterious Human Heart*, and *The Supreme Court*. Prior to joining WGBH in 1983, he was for 14 years a reporter and editor at two of the nation's largest daily newspapers -- *The Detroit Free Press* and *The San Francisco Chronicle*, where his work won numerous awards.