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Tina Grotzer

professor, education, HGSE

Tina Grotzer is an assistant professor of education Harvard Graduate School of Education and a principal investigator at Harvard Project Zero. Her current research identifies ways in which understandings about the nature of causality impact students' ability to learn complex science concepts. She directs the NSF-funded Understandings of Consequence Project, which identifies default assumptions about the nature of causality that students bring to their learning. Grotzer's publications include an extensive review of the research on the development of complex causal understanding, recently published in *Studies in Science Education*. She has published in both academic journals and teacher-oriented publications and is deeply committed to helping teachers acquire and use the knowledge gained through her research. Grotzer has also been an advisor for children's television, including science-oriented shows such as Disney's *Stanley* and PBS's *It's a Big, Big World*.