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Tim Werner

scientist, NEAQ

Tim Werner is a Senior Research Scientist at the New England Aquarium, and Director of the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction, a group of engineers, fishermen, and biologists engaged collaboratively in the research and development of alternative fishing techniques that reduce the bycatch of threatened marine species. Before joining the Aquarium in 2005, Tim served as a senior director at the environmental non-profit organization Conservation International, where he oversaw programs that supported the creation of marine and terrestrial protected areas in Latin America and the South Pacific, and developed eco-businesses with rural communities. With a long-standing interest in tropical marine environments, he has organized and led field expeditions involving wildlife biologists and fisheries scientists to document coral reef biodiversity in Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Brazil. In addition to his focus on bycatch reduction, Tim is part of an international team of scientists funded by the National Science Foundation to study the biology and management of sea cucumbers. Tim holds graduate degrees in Marine Zoology from University of Maryland, and in Business Management from Stanford University where he was a 2001 Sloan Fellow.