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Tarik Spriggs

HIV Youth Prevention Services Coordinator, Casa Esperanza Inc.

Tarik Spriggs is the HIV Youth Prevention Services Coordinator at Casa Esperanza Inc, a substance abuse and mental health treatment facility in Roxbury. Born and raised in Boston, MA, his love for performing arts and youth work fueled the passion for his role. Since joining the human services and positive youth development field at Boston GLASS, he has facilitated numerous workshops in the middle and high schools of greater Boston, implemented successful youth programs, hosted community events, handles all social media sites, and runs his own vogue class. With his many years of dance training, youth empowerment work and 15 years of participating in the ballroom scene, Legendary Father Tarik St. Clair is very seasoned for any stage! He's performed and spoken at numerous events from Boston to New York to Atlanta to New Jersey.