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Susan Maze-Rothstein

Professor, Northeastern University School of Law

**Susan Maze-Rothstein** is a founding member of Our Restorative Justice and a professor at Northeastern University School of Law where she directs the Legal Skills in Social Context Program, its signature social justice course. During her two decades of work in that program, she has led nearly 100 students to complete over 12,000 hours of research on restorative justice, school discipline and juvenile court diversionary alternatives. She also co-chairs the Boston Public Schools, Code of Conduct Advisory Council subcommittee, which in September 2013, 2014 and in 2015 persuaded the district's school committee (the largest in the Commonwealth) to revise its Code of Conduct, responsive to a 2012 school discipline legislation and to include restorative justice practices and other alternatives as a requirement before suspension or expulsion. Professor Maze-Rothstein also co-chairs the Massachusetts Restorative Justice Coalition policy committee where she has been instrumental in crafting legislative language to expand restorative justice work throughout the Commonwealth.