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Steven Reisner

professor, New York University Medical School

Steve Reisner, Ph.D. is an international consultant on trauma and its treatment and an activist in the effort to stop torture. He is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the New York University Medical School, and is on the faculty at The Psychoanalytic Institute at NYU. Dr. Reisner is a founding member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, a group dedicated to upholding international standards of human rights in psychological practice and research and supporting psychologists' who work to combat the effects of political violence and oppression internationally. Dr. Reisner is advisor on psychological ethics for Physicians for Human Rights, which won the Nobel Peace prize in 1999. With PHR and the Coalition, Dr. Reisner has been working to change the policy of the American Psychological Association supporting psychologists’ participation in coercive or abusive military/intelligence interrogations at places like Guantánamo, Bagram, and CIA ‘black sites.’ Dr. Reisner’s publications have appeared in the *Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association*, *Studies in Gender and Psychoanalysis*, in the Web-Journal, the *Scholar and Feminist Online* (), and elsewhere. He was profiled in *Newsweek* magazine for his work to stop health professionals from complicity in government-sponsored torture. Because of this work, Dr. Reisner was the recipient of the New York State Psychological Association’s “Beacon” Award. Dr. Reisner is a practicing psychoanalyst and couple’s therapist in New York City.