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Steve Curwood

radio host, NPR

Steve Curwood is executive producer and host of *Living on Earth*. Steve created the first pilot of *Living on Earth* in the Spring of 1990, and the show has run continuously since April, 1991. Today, *Living on Earth with Steve Curwood* is aired on more than 300 National Public Radio affiliates in the USA. Steve's relationship with NPR goes back to 1979 when he began as a reporter and host of *Weekend All Things Considered*. He also hosted NPR's *World of Opera*. Steve has been a journalist for more than 30 years with experience at NPR, CBS News, the *Boston Globe*, WBUR-FM/Boston and WGBH-TV/Boston. He shared the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of the *Boston Globe*'s education team. Steve Curwood is also the recipient of the 2003 Global Green Award for Media Design, the 2003 David A. Brower Award from the Sierra Club for excellence in environmental reporting and the 1992 New England Environmental Leadership Award from Tufts University for his work on promoting environmental awareness. He is president of the World Media Foundation, Inc. and a Lecturer in Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University.