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Stanley Corngold

professor, German literature, Princeton

Corngold, a Princeton faculty member since 1966, has published widely on modern German writers and thinkers but is best known for his translations and writing on the work of Franz Kafka. His translations of Kafka's *Metamorphosis* (1972, 1996) have sold 2 million copies, and he recently translated and edited a *Norton Critical Edition* of *Kafka's Selected Stories*. Harman, who joined the Princeton faculty in 1963, is known for his work in a number of areas in philosophy, including the philosophy of language, the theory of knowledge, ethics and cognitive science. He is legendary for his great versatility, having contributed to most areas of contemporary philosophy over the course of his career. His books include *Change in View: Principles of Reasoning* (1986), *Moral Relativism and Moral Objectivity* (with Judith Jarvis Thomson, 1996), *Reasoning, Meaning and Mind* (1999), *Explaining Value and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy* (2000) and *Reliable Reasoning: Induction and Statistical Learning Theory* (with Sanjeev Kulkarni, 2007).