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Stacey Beuttell

Deputy Executive Director, WalkBoston

Stacey Beuttell manages the technical assistance programs at WalkBoston that provide support to municipalities across the state to improve the safety and quality of the pedestrian environment. She conducts training programs that describe the health, economic and community benefits of walking, and leads walk audits to identify infrastructure deficiencies, recommend solutions, and build community support for walking. She has developed research and policy guidance on specific walkability-related issues including: walkable campus design for elementary schools, low cost pedestrian infrastructure, and pedestrian safety awareness for law enforcement. Prior to joining WalkBoston, Stacey was a Senior Associate at Sasaki Associates where she practiced as an urban designer and planner for over thirteen years. She holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan and Bachelor of Arts in American Studies/Environmental Studies from Dickinson College.