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Sissela Bok

writer, philiosopher

Sissela Bok is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. She is a writer and philosopher and received her BA and MA in psychology at the George Washington University, and her PhD in philosophy at Harvard University. The third edition of her book *Lying: Moral Choice in Private and Public Life* (Pantheon, 1978) was reissued in 1999 (Vintage) with a new preface. Other books include *Mayhem: Violence as Public Entertainment* (Basic Books, 1998); *Common Values* (University of Missouri Press, 1996; reissued in 2002 with a new preface); Alva Myrdal: A Daughter's Memoir (Perseus Books, 1991); A Strategy for Peace: Human Values and the Threat of War (Pantheon, 1989); and Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation (Pantheon, 1982; Vintage, 1989). With Gerald Dworkin and R. G. Frey, Bok has co-authored Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (Cambridge University Press, 1998). With Daniel Callahan she has co-edited Ethics Teaching in Higher Education (Springer, 1980), and with John Behnke, The Dilemmas of Euthanasia (Doubleday, 1975). Dr. Bok recently contributed a chapter to the *International Encyclopedia of Public Health*, “Rethinking the WHO Definition of Health.”