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Sheila Kennedy


Sheila Kennedy and her partner, Frano Violich, are founding Principals of Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. (KVA), an interdisciplinary design practice that explores new relationships between architecture, digital technology and emerging public needs. The work of KVA has been recognized by National Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architecture, Progressive Architecture Awards, Industrial Design Excellence Awards, and the Public Work Award of the National Endowment for the Arts. Kennedy’s research and work in architecture have also been recognized by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Academy of Sciences. She has served as an advisor to the US Department of Energy, the National Academy of Sciences’ Government-Industry Partnerships, and the Vision 2020 National Technology Roadmap. Kennedy’s work has appeared in *Material Ultra Material* (Harvard University, 2002), *Extreme Textiles*, (Princeton, 2005), *Open House: Designs for Intelligent Living*, (Vitra Design Museum, 2006) and *Design for the Other 90%* (2007). Kennedy lectures widely and her work has been featured in journals of architecture, design culture, anthropology and optoelectronics, as well as National Public Radio, United Nations Radio, the Discovery Channel, BBC World News, *Wired*, *Science News*, *Der Spiegel Reporter*, *The Wall Street Journal*, *Business Week*, and *The New York Times*.