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Shayne Lee

professor, sociology, University of Houston

Shayne Lee is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Houston. He earned a PhD in sociology (Northwestern University, 2002), two master's degrees, in religion and in biblical studies, a BA in theology, and an AA in social science. Lee's forthcoming book, *American Phenomenon: Bishop T. D. Jakes*, offers the ministry of a popular preacher and cultural icon as a prism through which we can learn more about contemporary religion and America. Lee's work also studies the striking interplay of politics and religion in black churches. His recent publications include the articles "The Structure of a Spiritual Revolution: Black Baptists and Women in Ministry," published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (33:154-177), and "The Church of Faith and Freedom: African American Baptists and Social Change," published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (42:31-42). Lee teaches various courses, including African American Religion, Race and Ethnicity, Postmodern Society, and Sociology of Mass Communication.