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Scott Kirsner

Columnist, Boston Globe and Editor, Innovation Leader

Scott Kirsner is a journalist who writes about innovation and entrepreneurship. His “Innovation Economy” column appears Sundays in the Boston Globe, and he is also editor of the site [Innovation Leader](innovationleader.com ""), which focuses on R&D, product development, corporate venturing, and new initiatives within large companies. Scott's writing has been a contributing writer for Fast Company and Wired and his writing has also appeared in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Salon.com, The San Jose Mercury News, CIO, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Kirsner is co-founder of three conferences that have focused on the innovation economy in New England: "The Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation", "Convergence: The Life Sciences Leaders Forum" and "Future Forward". Follow him on Twitter: **@ScottKirsner**