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Scott Allen Miller

talk show host, AM 680 WRKO

Scott Allen Miller (also known as Scotto) is an American talk radio personality. He was most recently the morning drive host and program director at WROW in Albany, New York. Miller has been named one of America's top talk show hosts by Talkers Magazine. At 38 years of age, he is the youngest major market morning drive talk show host in the United States. Miller's calling cards are his knowledge of a wide variety of issues, his clever sense of humor, his personal engagement with his audience, and his fiercely independent points of view. The Boston Radio Hall of Fame website declares, "Miller is for the most part, a fair and balanced talk show host with a deeply developed thought process and a slight chip-on-the-shoulder attitude. [sic] ... Miller stands out on this landmark talk radio station." Politically, Miller leans libertarian but differs strongly with the Libertarian Party on matters of criminal justice, national defense, and immigration.