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Sam Stier

Founding Director, Center for Learning with Nature

Sam Stier is Founding Director of the Center for Learning with Nature, a non-profit effort providing curricula and professional development to teachers to enrich STEM engagement in the classroom. Trained as an ecologist, Mr. Stier’s scientific research has been published in scientific journals, his curricula has been published in science teachers’ journals, he has published a book with Chelsea House on the Philippines for young readers, and contributed to a book on biomimicry with Candlewick Press for children. Mr. Stier served for several years as an environmental consultant to the World Bank, The U.S. Peace Corps, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and World Wildlife Fund International. He was a National Science Foundation Fellow in Curricula Development, and was appointed to the Next Generation Science Standards Task Force by the Office of Planning and Instruction, Department of Education, for the State of Montana in 2012.