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Rodrigo Saavedra

Rodrigo Saavedra is the Memory Program Director at the Ayni Institute, which focuses on creating a more reciprocal world through the development of training and research for social movements and preserving the wisdom and traditions of indigenous communities from around the world. A DACA recipient and community organizer, Rodrigo has appeared in major nationwide news outlets. Rodrigo Saavedra has worked at the Ayni Institute since 2016. His drive to support the Memory Program stems from his journey of being an immigrant who has been unable to visit his home of Peru since he was four years old. Rodrigo graduated from Clark University where he studied International Relations and was named a LEEP Fellow. For three years he worked in supporting Central American youth with their asylum cases. In 2015, he was one of researchers who contributed to the Joint US China Collaboration on Clean Energy’s environmental report that was presented at the EAT Forum in Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked as a Volunteer Organizer at Movimiento Cosecha assisting in campaigns and assemblies. He was also a featured guest writer on immigration in The Nation Magazine.