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Roberta Berry

professor, public policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Roberta M. Berry is Associate Professor and Director, Law, Science & Technology Program. Her research focuses on the legal, ethical, and policy implications of life sciences research and biotechnologies. In 2001, Prof. Berry was named Outstanding Faculty Member by the Georgia Tech Student Government Association. In 2004, she received the Ivan Allen Jr. Faculty Legacy Award and in 2005 she received the Class of 1940 W. Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award. Prof. Berry is writing a book under contract with Routledge on the ethical and policy implications of genetic engineering of human beings. She has published a co-edited interdisciplinary book on health care law, ethics and policy, and a number of articles focusing primarily on the implications of genetic knowledge and technologies. She has also delivered a number of papers on the legal, ethical, and policy issues posed by life sciences research and biotechnologies, and, in 2000, she served as Executive Director of the transatlantic workshop Shaping Biotechnology Policy in the 21st Century: A Joint European and American Workshop on Policy, Legal, and Ethical Issues.