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Robert Stone


Robert Stone (born 1937) is a critically well regarded American novelist, whose work is typically characterized by psychological complexity, political concerns, and dark humor. In 1967 Stone published his first novel, *A Hall of Mirrors*, which won a William Faulkner Foundation award for best first novel. Set in New Orleans in 1962 and based partly on actual events, the novel depicted a political scene dominated by right-wing racism, but its style was more reminiscent of Beat writers than of earlier social realists: alternating between naturalism and stream of consciousness, with a large cast of often psychologically unstable characters, it set the template for much of Stone's later writing. It was adapted into the 1970 film, *WUSA*. The novel's success led to a Guggenheim Fellowship and began Stone's career as a professional writer and teacher. Stone currently lives in New York with his wife. He has two children.