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Robert Crump White

Chief of Police, Louisville Metro Police Department, Louisville, KY

White has four decades of law enforcement experience. He has served as a Cadet, Captain, Inspector/Major, Commander, and has experience as a Police Chief in two cities: Louisville, Kentucky and Greensboro, North Carolina. White was the Assistant Chief of Police in Washington D.C. He is experienced in departmental reorganization, merging departments, strategic budget administration, crime reduction, program development (e.g.: Louisville Metro Police Foundation), police development, logistical management and policy development. As police chief of three large police agencies, White has a strong track record of thinking strategically, initiating programs focused on improving the quality of life for residents, and developing efficiency standards to ensure that resident concerns and complaints are handled appropriately. White received his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration summa cum laude from the University of the District of Columbia and earned a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University.