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Richard Reeves

writer, reporter

Richard Reeves, Senior Lecturer at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, is an author and syndicated columnist whose column has appeared in more than 100 newspapers since 1979. A new column also appears on Yahoo! News each Friday. He has received dozens of awards for his work in print, television and film. Educated as a mechanical engineer, Richard Reeves began his career in journalism at the age of 23, founding the *Phillipsburg Free Press* in Phillipsburg, N.J. He has been a correspondent for the *Newark Evening News* and the *New York Herald Tribune* and was the Chief Political Correspondent of *The New York Times*. He has also written for numerous other publications, becoming National Editor and Columnist for *Esquire* and *New York Magazine* along the way. Named a "literary lion" by the New York Public Library, Reeves has won a number of print journalism awards and has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist and juror. In 2007, W.W. Norton will publish his biography and re-creation of the experiments of Ernest Rutherford, the Nobel prizewinning physicist, who was born on the frontier of New Zealand in 1871 and went on to become the greatest experimental scientist of his time, discovering the unimagined subatomic world we now know and then splitting the atom he first envisioned. He is currently working in the United States and Europe on a history of the Berlin Airlift, scheduled for publication in 2008.