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Richard Murray

Boston University

Richard Murray received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 1991. He joined the Earth and Environment faculty at Boston University in 1992. He has been instrumental in the progress of marine biogeochemical research ever since, participating in international research projects that include a wide range of experts. Dr. Murray's research focus is the analysis of marine sediments for indications of climate change over long periods of time. Ocean sediments represent one of the most important sources of information available to scientists. As the technical analysis has become steadily more sophisticated, Dr. Murray and his many colleagues have been able to establish highly reliable data about the history of climate on our planet. Richard Murray is also a committed citizen, serving as a Selectman in his seaside community of Scituate, Massachusetts. In his elected role as Selectman, and also as an appointed member of Massachusetts Governor Patrick's environmental advisory panel , Dr. Murray has been a major spokesman for communities like his that are forced to make serious preparations for climate change.