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Raymond Bechard

founder, Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Raymond Bechard is the Founder and President of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking, a human-rights organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for young victims of human trafficking, enslavement and exploitation in the United States and throughout the world. Beginning his professional career in public relations and marketing, Raymond quickly gravitated toward human rights issues by devoting himself full-time to addressing injustices around the world. He began a consulting firm which supported and advised international charities working to bring safety, opportunity and empowerment to people in need. In his work, Mr. Bechard traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Mexico, and Haiti. During his travels, he witnessed multiple cases of young people enslaved in the world of trafficking and the transnational criminals perpetrating these crimes. Drawing on his diverse experience and desire to help children more directly, Mr. Bechard began working against human trafficking full-time in 2003. His objective was to build a growing coalition of people and organizations across the globe who would stand between children and whatever evil they may face; to protect and defend young people in order to lift them up to a better, safer life. Specifically focusing on human trafficking, the world’s fastest growing crime, Raymond Bechard has developed the process of Intervention, Care and Prevention. This three-step procedure is the most effective method of removing young people from the various dangers of trafficking while providing them with the intensive care they need to restore their lives and end the increasing cycle of commercial sexual abuse. Raymond Bechard is author of the book, *Unspeakable: The Truth Behind the World's Fastest Growing Crime*, an expose on the international scope of child trafficking and organized crime’s involvement, and the upcoming, *Underground: The Hidden Crime Invading Every American Community*. Raymond lives in Old Saybrook, Connecticut where the offices of the Coalition are located. He can be reached at Ray@CAHTAmerica.org or 860-581-5455.