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Paul Kendrick

writer, activist

Paul Kendrick is an author of popular history. With his father, Stephen Kendrick, Paul co-authored *Sarah's Long Walk: The Free Blacks of Boston and How Their Struggle for Equality Changed America*, which describes the legal case, Roberts v. Boston, brought on behalf of Sarah Roberts, a black child who was not allowed to attend any of the five "whites-only" schools she passed on her daily walks to school, and the effect this had on the effort to desegregate Boston schools in the 1840's. The case led to the Separate but equal justification for segregation. The book was named among the best non-fiction of 2005 by the Christian Science Monitor. He has also co-authored (with his father) *Douglass and Lincoln: How a Revolutionary Black Leader and a Reluctant Liberator Struggled to End Slavery and Save the Union*, published in December of 2007. As a student at George Washington University, Paul Kendrick served as President of the college's National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter and also as a Presidential Administrative Fellow. He is currently an assistant director of the Harlem Children's Zone.