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Patrick Guerriero

executive director, Log Cabin Republicans

Patrick Guerriero has devoted his career to public service. This former mayor, state representative, and candidate for lieutenant governor in Massachusetts joined Log Cabin Republicans as executive director in January 2003. Guerriero, who grew up in a working class family, has earned a reputation as a dedicated, effective, and compassionate public servant. Guerriero is a leading voice for freedom and fairness in the Republican Party. He has appeared on all the major television networks on programs and he has been featured in many publications including *The Washington Post*, *The New York Times Magazine*, and *The Los Angeles Times*. Guerriero has written op-eds for "The Wall Street Journal", "The Boston Globe" and other newspapers. Since taking over Log Cabin, Guerriero has dramatically increased membership, doubled the budget, and developed new chapters across America. Log Cabin was the leading conservative voice that helped defeat the anti-family Federal Marriage Amendment in the U.S. House and Senate in 2004. Guerriero continues leading Log Cabin's efforts to stop this discriminatory and unnecessary constitutional amendment. Guerriero has championed issues important to all citizens including lower taxes, smaller government, improved public schools, safer neighborhoods, and equal rights. In addition, he has advocated for anti-hate-crimes legislation, HIV/AIDS funding, and proposals to give recognition and protection to gay and lesbian families. Throughout his political career, Guerriero has worked well with Democrats finding common ground on issues where compromise is possible. At Log Cabin, Guerriero has built coalitions with other gay and lesbian organizationsworking with people across the ideological spectrum to develop a bipartisan strategy for achieving equality.